Refuge of Creation

The Scarlet Empress has returned to Creation. The Yozis strain at their prison. Civil war rocks the Underworld. The Sidereals continue to fight amongst themselves while trying to hold Fate and Creation together. The Lunars toil at the edge of the Wyld to make the mortal populations ready and endlessly debate on their role in the coming chaos. The Dragon Blooded rally behind their returned leader, or else flee her controlling grasp. And slowly, the reawakened Solar Exalted begin to find one another and make their world-shaking presence known.

In the midst of the tumult, a Circle of Exalted have been brought together by mysterious means to complete a long abandoned project left over from the First Age which might hold the salvation of Creation.

The Architects of Refuge were a Circle of First Age Solars who were tasked by the Incarna to build an ark for the population of Creation in the event of a catastrophic apocalypse. For centuries they toiled to develop technology from plans drafted by Primordial and Incarna alike. Eventually, they reached a point where they could not go further. A final component eluded them, and together they decided to abandon the Project and return to Meru.

Millennium later, two of their successors are Exalted into the Age of Sorrows, tasked by Sol Invictus to complete the work long ago abandoned. Other Exalted have been drawn to their side, and together they must travel across the length and breadth of Creation to reactivate the manse network that will power and construct the great Ark of Creation.

The Chosen of the Sun, Moon, Stars and Dragons are tasked with ensuring the survival of the peoples of Creation. But other threats, other destinies loom about them. Will they perform the tasks asked of them, or will they throw their given fate aside in favor of one of their own devising?

Refuge of Creation

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