Refuge of Creation

To The Surface!

Luthe, Leviathan

Guides To Air is transformed by his prayer to Gaia.
Zandau awakens from a dream-fugue.
Sky disappears on Lunar business in Luthe.
Guides to Air faces Swims In Shadow, fights valiantly, but is slain by the Lunar.
Saibok brands himself, and accepts the role of leader to the Traitor-Spawn.
The Traitor-Spawn are freed, and are given crude diving bells to ascend to the surface.
With the bells we fashioned a large raft to tow the population to dry land.
The raft holds together as we approach the island of Dreamwhisper.
Zandau flies to the island to meet with the natives, and pays them in jade to house and feed the Traitor-Spawn.
Sky is being trained by Sage of the Depths in Sorcery, both new spells and Celestial Circle.
Sky sacrifices her moonsilver hearthstone necklace, hearthstone bracers, and her memories of her pre-Exaltation family. She gains Celestial Circle Sorcery and Sapphire Circle Banishment.
We offload the Traitor-Spawn and start building basic shelters.
We set out for the 6-hour sail to the Water Manse.
Sage summons a Second-Circle Demon, with Sky as her second, calling forth a tentacled horror to clean Sunken Luthe.
We lock down the ship and prepare to dive in our Dolphin.
Sky shows up thanks to a wacky IM augmenting artifact.
Signs of struggle – essence scouring and magical material slash-marks.
Large drag-marks – the elemental dragon was taken.
Elementals fought a team of commandos, highly-trained wielding 5MM weapons – Elementals lost.
Jade-chamber doors torn open.
Wavehopper – a young member wearing Western militia navy uniform, a raksha.
His freehold was conquered by an Unshaped, who formed the resident raksha into soldiers.
He and his Emanations sought, and acquired, the elemental dragon for purposes unknown.
Wavehopper will guide us to the freehold if we agree to defeat/drive off the Unshaped.
We agree to the task, and Swift Fox will learn Chaos-Repelling Pattern
Everyone else is going to train, too. Like, a lot.


Antagonist SwiftFox

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