Cynis Nokiyu

The Ravager of All Beauty


Charm, beauty and sophistication all hide the callous monster within. Parroting the latest fashion trends of the Blessed Isle and the Scavenger Lands alike, Nokiyu works her corrupting arts both clandestinely and in full view of the public.


Born to luxury and privilege on the Blessed Isle, Cynis Nokiyu was stolen away at an early age by dark forces with even darker intentions.

Inheritor of the twisted Exaltation of the Architects of Refuge Eclipse caste, the Harmonious Artisan of Hearts, The Ravager of All Beauty serves her Yozi master with pride and zeal. The Circle encountered her briefly while in Nexus, where Shifting Sky discovered that her long lost childhood friend was not only alive, but now Exalted as her bonded mate.

Soon afterwards, the Circle began to hear of the goings on in Nexus, and each rumor confirmed their suspicion that Nokiyu and her partner were up to something nefarious. Resolving to put a stop to it, they infiltrated Nexus and attempted to thwart the Ravagers wedding to the Emissary, only to find that the whole affair was an elaborate ruse designed to draw out any Solars in the area, simultaneously exposing them and distracting them to the Infernal pair’s true agenda in Lookshy.

Currently The Ravager of All Beauty is unaware of the connection between herself and the Circle. Even the Loom cannot predict what would happen if she were to learn that fact.

Cynis Nokiyu

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