Wondrous Scorpion


Slight of figure and height, the diminutive Abyssal contains unimaginable power and knowledge. Her black leather garments almost conceal the extensive scars that mar her entire body.


A Southern merchants daughter, the girl who became Wondrous Scorpion is all but devoured by the memories of her previous incarnation. Not only does she currently harbor the Exaltation of Resplendent Dove, the Twilight Caste of the Architects of Refuge, but she serves at the feet of the Deathlord that Dove became, now known as the Transcendent Architect of the Final Refuge.

The Circle has encountered Wondrous Scorpion a number of times. Of the fallen reincarnations of the Architects of Refuge, she is the only one that can be considered an ally. Claiming that she and her Deathlord are traitors to the cause of the Neverborn and the other Deathlords, she has provided much information and assistance to the Circle. Still, a Deathknight she is and a Deathknight she remains, and thus betrayal and atrocity cannot help but be close at hand when dealing with her.

Wondrous Scorpion

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